Daniel Lyons talks about LoMidHigh Organic and Unlmtd

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Daniel Lyons is the name behind LoMidHigh. The brand shouldn’t come as new to you if you’re the average european listener or artist, especialli because it works as a label for quite a while and always impressed lots of people in the brench with it’s delightful eps. LoMidHigh is the practical result of Daniel‘s imagination, with it’s phylosophy being built around the “Ltd.” concept, the very first landmark in the label’s evolution. Now, after everyone familiarised themselves with the LoMidHigh music, Daniel’s projects for the near future consist in launching two new sublabels – LoMidHigh Organic and LoMidHigh Unlmtd., the last one being a more experimental label ran alongside with Shadi Megallaa. Daniel currently resides in Copenhagen and it’s passion for music is the thing that keeps him publishing great music.

1. Hi Daniel,how’s everything? What have you been up to lately?

Hi Eugene, I’m good thanks, the past few days it’s been raining a fair bit here in Copenhagen, my favorite weather, I don´t really like it too hot. I guess I would never survive if I lived in Bucharest :).
Well lately I’ve landed a deal with Intergroove for my new “Lomidhigh Organic” project and I’m really excited about getting this new label up and going. I´ve also just sent the next 3 Lomidhigh Lmtd releases to master. Some busy release months coming up.

2. You’re the label-owner of LoMidHigh, and I heard that you are going to establish 2 new sublabels, how do you think you are going to keep up with it ?

Yes thats right, Lomidhigh Organic and Lomidhigh Unlmtd are the 2 new sublabels. After doing the Lomidhigh Lmtd project the past 1 and a half year I thought that I would try out something else then only the Lmtd label. Lomidhigh Organic is going to be a house label, while Lomidhigh Unlmtd which I’m starting up with my good friend Shadi Megallaa will be an experimental label where everything is possible.

3. Do you agree that the key word for your label would be ‘limited’? how did the need for this limitation appear? You think that your music is not for that many people to play it?

When I first thought about starting up a label I wanted to focus on the music – not business. I wanted to go in an opposite direction and come up with an exclusive label. The limited project came naturally to me. Its like art, custom clothes etc. People want something special, which not everybody has. The idea was not to make profit but to meet new people and have fun. I just recently changed the concept from 200 to 300 copies for each release, as I up to this point have lost money doing each release.

Ofcourse I would like everyone to be able to play the music I release on Lomidhigh Lmtd, but the concept only limits 300 people to have it. Im sure it´s fun for a lot of the vinyl collectors who know they have to buy the releases as soon as they come out.

4. LoMidHigh releases seem to cover a whole spectre of genres, so, I guess the sound that represents your label hasn’t been found yet, or am I wrong?

The sound on Lomidhigh Lmtd is not meant to be focused on one genre. I really like a lot of things, from dub, techno, electronica to house. What I really like with the stuff out on Lomidhigh Lmtd is that it´s not just focused for the dancefloor, but is also tracks you would like to listen to at home.

5. How did you come up with the idea to start LoMidHigh, how were things then, was it hard to accustom yourself with all the work that needs to be done to have a succesful label like yours?

Three years ago I was looking down on my mixer and liked the words “Lo-Mid-High”. I began organizing parties under that name here in Copenhagen. A year later I was thinking about a concept for a label. I wanted to do something else then just starting a regular label, as I thought an “ordinary” label would easily get drowned with all the other labels out there. I wanted to do Something else, my first thought was doing a unique label limiting each release to 100 copies, no mp3s, with sprayed artwork on the cover and handnumbered, but that would have been too expensive to do.

I changed my original idea to 200 copies of each release and contacted Jay Haze, who really liked the concept. He actually came up with the name for the label. As he sent me the mastered files, the cd he sent me said “Lomidhigh Lmtd”. Before I recieved the cd from Jay my idea was to call it “Lomidhigh Ltd” without the “m”.

My idea was not to have a successful label. It just happened, but with all the great music the artists have produced for the label – it couldn´t go wrong :). I´m very grateful about the music my friends have released on the label, and the label has grown because of them.

6. Can you sum up in a few words the LoMidHigh Organic concept?

Lomidhigh Organic will be strictly house, since about a year ago I was thinking about this new label. The sound is going to be summer music and will get you into a summer mood even-though it is winter. The first 3 eps will be by Seuil, Alejandro Mosso and Ernesto Ferreyra. I´m really looking forward to get this label up and going. First release will be in September and is distributed thru Intergroove.

7. One of your releases, and one upcoming, is from a romanian artist – Boola. How did he end up releasing on LoMidHigh? The classic demo procedure or you go back for a longer time? What do you think about the other romanian artists? What about the scene there in general?

My good friend Stefan told me about Boola. He had heard some of his music on his myspace profile. I simply contacted him and told him I really liked his sound. We mailed back and forth and I was very happy about Boola& Demos wanting to release on my label.

About people sending demos, I don´t pay attention to the demos I get sent to my mail. There´s too many, some of the download links which are attached to the mails I get doesn´t work, last time I open my mail and downloaded some of the demos which were sent to me (a year ago), I forgot to listen to them. 3 days later there were all these different files on my desktop with demos people had sent me. I ended up throwing them all into the trash folder and since then I have not downloaded any of the demos. The artists on my label are artists I contacted myself, thats how i like to work.

For me there´s 2 countries where there´s alot of talented producers.
It´s Argentina with producers Alejandro Mosso (Funzion), Gurtz, Franco Cinelli, Dilo, Violett, Jorge Savoretti, Leonel Castillo, Sr. Replicante and Barem. And Romania with producers Raresh, Petre Inspirescu, Boola, Demos and Rhadoo. I think all these artist have grown alot the past year to where they are now, I´m really amazed about what they´ve produced.

I´ve heard the scene in Romania is really big, unfortunately I haven´t had the chance to check it out yet. I´m a big fan of Raresh, Rhadoo and Petre’s a:rpia:r label.

8. What’s the thing that keeps you going through the hard job of owning a label?

Hard job is not the word I would use to describe having a label. For me its all about the love for the music.

9. Every single detail from the artwork of your releases is hand-made, so I guess one of your other passions would be art somehow, care to tell us more about this?

Yeah, some years back I was into graffiti and spent a lot of nights being “artistic”. I gave it up, and began to take pictures with my camera instead. Together with some friends we formed this artgroup called “coupdetat” and had a few group exhibitions. At the same time I began listening to electronic music and thought about starting the label up. One of my good friends Andreas cut the stencils and I sprayed the covers. We did 9 releases with cover art, before going “minimal” with just putting a sticker on the whitelabel.

10. After Ray Okpara, what new artists should we expect to be released on LoMidHigh?

It´s all getting really busy now. On Lomidhigh Lmtd there´ll be 3 releases coming out on the same day late July/early August, one by Boola, a remix ep by Martinez/Gurtz and an ep by Ray Okpara. Later this summer there will definitely be a release by Kasper from Esperanza with a remix by Franco Cinelli and an ep by Dario Zenker. There should also be a new one by Martinez and Boola in the end of this year, but they don´t know that yet ….sssshhhh :). Lomidhigh Organic will have it´s first release which is by Seuil. This ep will be followed by Alejandro Mosso and Ernesto Ferreyra.

11. Being the last question, it will be a more indescreet one. Which is the best-seller for now? 🙂

hahahahaha, good one. As The “Boola – No Spam Here EP” is the only one I´ve released 300 copies of that so far is the best seller.

12. Thanks and good luck!

You are very welcome my pleasure mate.
For more information, check here :


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