Posh Interview – You should expect for a lot of great soulful productions from me

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1: Hello Posh, how are you ? What have you been doing lately?

Hi! Lately, I haven’t been doing anything worth mentioning. I fill my time producing and that’s about it.

2: For those who haven’t heard you yet, could you describe the music you promote?

The music I promote…:) it’s not that simple cause even I don’t know exactly. I like almost all the electronic music genres, but as a DJ I tend to play more house, minimal house, tech house and techno.

3: I understand that from some time now you’ve started producing music too, could you please give us more details on that?

Well, the producing for me started before I even got DJing, I reckon… I was not that serious about it though.The real point where I started to produce music was about 2 years ago, and currently I’m negotiating with 2 record labels. My first release will be launched at Derivat, a new promising romanian label. It has released already 2 eps, the first being of Ali Nasser and it seems like I will be the 3rd.

In autumn I hope I will sign with the guys at Eklo, a very good parisian label with which I’m negotiating for about 1 year now. I’m not in a rush with this release cause I wanna make a good job, taking into consideration that it’s gonna be released on vinyl too.

About the style that my own productions promote I can only say that for now I’m more into house and deep house. I love the classic Chicago rhythms and the oldschool percussions combined with deep sounds.

4: You’re probably one of the first artists of this genre from Galati… do you remember how you guys started? How were the first parties? How are things today?

I don’t want to take credit for something I haven’t done. I’m not even close to being the first artist of this genre from Galati, but I remember how I started.In 2000-2001 when the progressive was in its highest peak, I managed to stay close to a DJ desk from one of the clubs there (Pestera) and to learn more tricks of the trade from the resident DJs. In short time, I’ve become myself a resident there and I was present at some memorable parties.Indeed those were the times … cause then the romanian clubbing scene was at it’s start somehow;the DJ’s and the clubbers had other priorities and every party made was rarely unsuccesful.Today things are a bit different.There is this inflation of … clubs, and dj’s and people that frequent the clubs that shouldnt’be this way.

5: You’ve recently moved to Bucharest.What changes has this brought to your professional side? Would you recommend this move to other artists that are not from the capital?

You said well, I’ve only recently moved to Bucharest, so the changes have not appeared yet but I hope they will come soon.Ask me over some time, and I will tell you if I recommend this move to others.

6: You had some residencies in clubs from Galati. Does it still seem tempting for you to work as a resident in Bucharest or you’ve given up on that idea? What are the advantages of being a resident in a club?

Yea, I had some residiences in Galati, and I can tell that they brought only good things for me.A residency is always good for you especially when you’re just at the start. It helps you get experience faster and you’re getting more easily used to the public.Currently, I like to think that I passed over this step and I want to go further. I want to travel through as many places as possible and to meet as diverse and as many people.

7: What thing ocupies your time besides music? Do you have a hobby which we don’t know of?

Well, the thing with the music started as a hobby so, I don’t have others… let’s say that it would be the fishing…but I don’t give it that much atention 🙂

8: Some time ago, there was a video on youtube, with you playing music in your shorts, in open-air, in a private environment filled with a good vibe. Would you like to tell us more about that party?

That party was one of the many parties organised by me and my friends from Galati and it takes place in each year right after the Easter holidays. That video was from the 2007 party which took place in a village near Galati at the house of the grandfathers of a friend, grandfathers that promised us that we will never take a step there for the rest of our lives. One thing I would like to mention is that those were my boxers, and not my “shorts”, are we clear ??!!

9: Where to this summer?

This summer I will be spending a lot of time in Bucharest, that’s sure, but more than this I can’t honestly tell you.

10: What should we expect in the future from the DJ and producer Posh?

For the future you should expect for a lot of great and soulful productions and for parties as succesful as up until now and … as soulful too.

11: Thanks alot. All the best.

I thank you too for the interest and good luck to you guys too. Ta-ta!

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June 18, 2008 at 11:23 am

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