Radum Interview – I admit I was affected by this house music “revival”

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Radu Matei is an up & coming talent on the Romanian scene. Based on his musical knowledge and his unique style, Radum manages to impress his public, despite the general musical orientation, the vibe or the average knowledge of the crowd has. He mostly plays minimal-techno in his set and he quickly develops due to the short times allocated to each loop he plays.

1:So Radu, how are you? What have you been up to lately?

These days, I’m studying for my exams, so not that much. I’m pretty anxious to get to Romania and to play music on the beach.

2: You’ve moved recently to The Hague… could you tell us more about how you adapted there? Did you get the chance to play some music there?

The city is superb, and the population is very cosmopolite. Almost half the residents aren’t dutch, so the nightlife is pretty interesting. The sad part is that the scene here is more into the “concert”-type events, inspite of the classic dj-sets that we’re used to in Romania. Until now I was requested to play at KABK (a somewhat Art University in dutch version) and some parties organised by me and my friends.

3: You’re there for studies…what are you studying specifically?

I’m learning “European Public Administration”. I’m into politics and this is a very good place to study it … I’m not far away from The International Court, European Parliament, The NATO Headquarters etc. 🙂

4: How do you see the scene there in comparison with the romanian one? How do the dutch see the romanian scene?

The dutch don’t quite see the romanian scene, unfortunately. The dutch don’t see other scenes cause, quite frankly, they’re not interested. From the musical creation point of view it seems that this is a very good place for making music, let’s not forget that this was the main acid-house scene in Europe 10 years ago and there are some famous labels that have their headquarters here: Bunker Records, Creme Organisation, Clones etc. The strange part is that people here are not that much into electronic music: some few places in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and The Hague, but even those have a wide selection of genres, for example there’s dnb on thursday, house on friday and idm on saturday… Your only chance to find parties like the ones in Romania would be in small underground bars.

5: You have a blog where you upload some of your photos… tell me more about this passion.

It’s a side passion and I haven’t put that much energy into this direction. I’m not even close to Vali Barbulescu for example… (mest: Who is?)

6: Many said only nice things about your musical knowledge. What artist seems to be completely ignored by romanians, in your opinion?

Yvat. That man does some fantastic music and I don’t understand why noone is acknowlodging him. Even though he’s a prolific artist with over ten albums released, as far as I know he had only 3-4 serious gigs through Bucharest.

7: The revival of the house attitude affected you too?

I must admit that I was affected in some measure. Musically speaking I haven’t changed that much in the past few years, but I started to look for a happier mood in my sets.

8: Everyone who heard your productions said that they are above average. How come you didn’t release anything till now?

I don’t consider my sounds that pleaseful to be released somewhere. They’re more like “studies” in which I tried to transpose a certain feeling into an audio piece.

9: I understand that you have been involved with organising a fashion show. Can you tell us more about it?

KABK organises a fashion show and I am in charge of the musical arrangements. I play 30 minutes in the actual show, I select music in the galery where the products will be exposed, and also play in the after party.

10: And as a last question… what are you preparing for us for the future?

I’m planning some uncoventional parties this summer and I’m not going to reveal more.

11: Thanks for the interview.
No problem.

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June 8, 2008 at 12:56 pm

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