Yossi Amoyal Interview – All the soul or lets say human feeling were lost in the tracks

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Yossi Amoyal is one of the label-owners of Sushitech, along with Matt du Jardin, a label that has curently established itself as being one of the most forward-thinking out there.If you would browse their label catalogue, you could see names like Koljah, Mikael Stavostrand, E Bridge, Steve O’Sullivan, Miss Fitz, all sharing their unique view on the music today.The continuos expansion of the sound that Sushitech promotes gave birth to the sublabels Sushitech Purple, for the more “smiley” music, and Pariter, for the more dancefloor,techno oriented tracks.They have recently added a booking agency, and one of their future projects are some label nights around eroupe, along with others.

1 : So Yossi, how are you ? What have you been up to lately?

Hi, I’m doing well thanks.I’ve been working a lot lately on some upcoming projects on the labels and of course keep playing around.We have this upcoming compilation on the label soon so its keeping me busy in the last few weeks.

2 : You’re one of the label owners of Sushitech, how did you come up with the idea to start it ?

Well … I had a lot of friends from the industry, actually before I started all this.Some of them were producers that sent me their stuff to listen to and from the other side I had some friends who were running labels.I was always trying to help my friends to sign their tracks but no one wanted them.From this I thought its good music that needs to be released so I decided to try to release it myself.I’m also producing music myself and had my vision about this world of music and I wanted to have a label that will help me to explore it.I asked my close friend Matt if he was up for the project with me as we shared the same ideas about this music world, he was up for it and so things quickly progressed from then.

3 : Sushitech … that’s a pretty uncommon name.Is there a story behind it?

Well we were trying to find a name that combines two meanings that have no connection when you put them together, like when you say it taste blue or it sounds green u know…So we found Sushitech… We also really liked the way it sounded…It has no connection to sushi really. haha

4 : The somewhat revival of house music…inspired you to look into the past for artists (Steve O’Sullivan,Russ Gabriel) to balance the releases of the new ones (David Labeij, Koljah, Leonel Castillo etc) ?

Well I am a big vinyl collector and always liked and took inspiration from older stuff. Russ and Steve were both very big influences for me and I was looking for them for a really long time with a goal to do these projects, almost 2 years in total!.So maybe we released these classics in the same time that house was revived again but this was not the reason we did all this.I was more looking to give the respect to the artists and to show people the roots of the label.

5 : I see Sushitech has 2 sublabels … why the need to establish them?

Well its because we love a lot of different kinds of music and we don’t like to categorize music by genres if its house, techno, electronica or whatever, so we just decided to divide into our feelings.To the more deeper, emotional and classic sound which is the tracks we release on Sushitech and to the more brighter, modern and smiling tracks that we put out on Sushitech Purple.
Pariter became later and the releases are more straight and technoish tracks made by our artists, which we basically love but don’t quite fit to Sushitech.I guess its just the way I feel about this music.This is how this label and it sub divisions born.

6 : Sushitech seems to be one step ahead everytime so i’d better ask you…what do you see in the future? Both for the label and the scene? What’s the next approach?

I think that in the last few years when all this minimal hype grew, the music became really mechanical and individual.All the soul or lets say human feeling were lost in the tracks… (of course I’m speaking in general as there will always be timeless tracks in this genre) At the moment people are looking for a more sensual feeling in tracks with more organic sounds that’s easier to relate to.This is also what I feel now about the music and where I’m trying to take Sushitech… more organic, more soulful.

7 : What do you know of the romanian scene? Any artists you enjoy listening to?

I’ve heard Raresh playing before, not that long ago as it happens, hes a really good dj.I also like the label he’s running with his mates Pedro and Rhadoo.Its nice to see how the things are growing over there.I never been there to be honest but it seems that there is a lot of good young producers coming from there.New blood in the scence.

8 : Since we’re at it … I heard that you are planing some label nights in berlin, london, tel aviv etc…what about Romania?

I’m not sure about the exact dates yet, but they are coming soon 🙂

9 : Besides managing a label , what do you occupy your time with?

To be honest it’s what I’m doing most of the time!Either it’s running the labels, producing or djing…My passion and love became my profession and I really desire and enjoy what I’m doing.You can find me sometimes also with my girlfriend and our lil jack.haha

10 : Well,that is all and thanks for doing this.

My pleasure, thank you.

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June 6, 2008 at 10:03 am

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