Funzion Interview – I’ve been almost praying for this change to a more “soulful” music

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1:Hey Alejandro, or I better say Funzion or E. Bridge or Ampec, how are you?

Well, im fine. Making lots of music and preparing my next European tour for September-November 08.

2:How did you come to listen to electronic music, what made you decide that this is the genre for you?

I started in music like many other electronic music artists… with rock music. I started playing guitar when I was 14 and after years of playing in bands of post-rock and post-punk music I discovered electronic music. My first love and what actually made me interest in electronic music was Autechre and the sound of the label Warp. By that time I was amazed by finding electronic music that was very different from the shitty things I used to hear in clubs by that time. That was the point when I started to believe that it was possible to make interesting music and play it clubs.

3:You seem to have been missing from the scene lately (production-wise),so on what have you been working on, some new release maybe?

Over the last two years I did two pretty long European tours. I played in many clubs in different cities. Somehow all this time I used for touring made me slow down a bit with the production work. But on the other hand, its been very inspiring for the production time i¥m taking now. Nowadays im working on a big bunch of new tracks that hopefully will come out before the end of the year. It will be a very interesting shift in my music. Anyway there are also some stuff that I have been doing over the last months that will come out soon: the remixes I just did for Franco Cinelli for Esperanza records, a remix for Marco Zenker for Igloo, a remix Martinez did of one of my tracks for Igloo, a remix Monoblock is doing of one of my tracks, a summer styled Ep that will come out under Alejandro Mosso for the brand new LoMidHigh ORGANIC label in July and two tracks licensed for Circoloco 10 Years at DC10 Mixed CD compilation.

4:There are a lot of new and talented artists releasing nowadays, but can you tell me whom sound and style you like most from them?

Lately many new artists have been brought into surface because of the house revival that’s been going on over the last year. Of course there are many great artists, but there are lot of artists and labels releasing shitty music aswell. Don’t get me wrong, I really like and support the house feeling of the music nowadays, actually i’ve been almost praying for this change to a more “soulful” music for long time; but this doesn’t mean that I like all the new records coming out…because to be honest many of them sound pretty bad and not serious. Anyway, If i have to mention artists that I like and respect I can make you a sample-list of old and new artists: Guillaume and the Coutu Dumonts, Luciano, Ricardo, Kreon, Lemos, Petre Inspirescu, Markus Fix, Martin Buttrich, Digitaline, Johnny D, Thomas Melchior, Audio Werner, Bruno Pronsato, Miss Fitz and many of the Argentinian crew.

5:You’re having an european tour in automn, any chance we’ll see you in Romania maybe?

Hopefully yes. I haven’t confirmed gigs yet in Romania, but it seems that there are a couple that might be possible. I have never been there and I am willing to visit it.

6:What do you know of the romanian scene?

In this side of the world we don’t know much about Romanian scene. Just the bigger names that have hit Cadenza and Cocoon: Raresh, Pedro and Rhadoo. But i also know some other artists from Romania, like Dan Andrei and Boola.

7:Some of your fellow argentinians came to Romania to play last year (Dilo,Seph,Barem), have they told you anything about our scene or some story?

Well, to be honest I haven’t speak with them about their gigs in Romania. Don’t know why… But I got some great comments from other friend-artists that have played in Romania… specially about the crowd and the receptiveness.

8:You listen to anything else besides electronic music?If so,some favorite artists please?

Of course I listen other styles. I come from rock! The list could be endless, but I can name you a few: Radiohead, My Bloody Valentine, Smashing Pumpkins, Blur, Bjork, Placebo, The Notwist, Lali Puna, American Analog Set, M·m, lot of folk and songs music, etc…etc…

9:So, this is the last question. This will be a bit unsual: what question would you like to be asked, and what would you answer?.

Question: Anything
Answer: Maybe…

For more info about Funzion, check here :

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May 29, 2008 at 2:19 pm

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